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I Jesse James' spor

Woman They Almost Lynched

Instrueret af Allan Dwan
USA, 1953
Western, Krig


Laying on the Missouri-Arkansas border, the neutral Border City, its female mayor and city council, take no side in the ongoing Civil War and they’re prepared to hang any troublemaker, Yankee or Confederate, who stirs the townsfolk up.

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I Jesse James' spor Instrueret af Allan Dwan


It is the only Hollywood film I can think of that builds a sympathetic portrait of a matriarchal society (at least until Ghosts of Mars). Only Allan Dwan could have made it. A prolific worker since the silent era, Dwan had fun where he could, and playfully subverted all manner of genres… Woman They Almost Lynched further displays his natural inclination towards play, and it is now available on Blu-ray, so future generations can now puzzle over its beautiful excesses for decades to come.
January 27, 2015
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