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Instrueret af Daniel Monzón
Spanien, 2018


Lucas and Clayderman are two swindlers, professionals of deceiving naïve tourists in luxury cruises. Years ago they worked together, but the rivalry for Veronica, the beautiful dancer of the boat, made them lose their heads and ruined their partnership.

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Yucatán Instrueret af Daniel Monzón

Priser & festivaler

Gaudí Awards

2019 | Kandidat: Best Production Management

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  • chanandre's rating of the film Yucatán

    [Netflix] fun fun fun fun oh so fun(ny). Spanish film is winning my heart something that did not happen ever since i fell in love with french cinema. They can pull off any genre: horror, slapstick, comedy (award-winning/high-brow and low-brow/trash), drama (oriol!!!), adventure, animation, thriller, i am in love with the Spanish section of NETFLIX. it was a godsend. and i feel like moving to ESPAÑA because of that <3

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