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America: What’s Wrong with this Face?

Why is Henry Fonda America’s wrong man? Or: Why is America Henry Fonda’s country of residence?
"Don't say I didn't warn ya. You're gonna feel like an awful sap!"
—John J. 'Brick' Tennant (Henry Fonda), Let Us Live (1937)
Fritz Lang's You Only Live Once (1937):

John Brahm's Let Us Live (1939):

Alfred Hitchock's The Wrong Man (1956):
Special thanks to Gina Telaroli. Thanks to Daniel Riccuito.
The Wrong Man is so great.
Is it just me or does young Henry Fonda look a bit like Ignatiy Vishnevetsky? This just struck me seeing those first images… And yes, The Wrong Man is really, really great!
Henry Fonda was an extraordinary, handsome, and determined young actor. He agreed to do a “studio film” only if they would make The Ox-Bow Incident (1943), a powerful and timeless Classic.
The Grapes of Wrath is one of the best movies ever, no question about that !
I agree, Fonda’s face is really interesting and The Grapes of Wrath was a great movie. His children are handsome too.
Again paranoia
INT. THE OFFICE OF PRIVATE-EYE DICK DAILY A small but polished room. Walls lined with shelves from floor to ceiling, all stacked with newspapers, books, and storage containers, all meticulously marked. Two chairs face the expansive desk, one wall lined with windows looking out over the newsroom. Henry Fonda enters room. Camera moves in on face. HANK: What the…?!?! [Double-take] Fade to black.
I might be of a minority to say Willem Dafoe has similar facial features at times. Especially considering the sixth photo from “You Only Live Once.”
I’d also be one to say yet again that “You Only Live Once” is one of Lang’s better English language features.

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