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Rushes. Lucrecia Martel Masterclass, Arthouse Programming in America, “Akira” Revisited

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  • For starters, here's two disparate new trailers: one for João Dumans & Affonso Uchoa's sublime "neo-Kerouacian" road movie, Araby (find our review here), and another for the second reboot of John Carpenter's Halloween, this time directed by David Gordon Green and this time with John Carpenter's endorsement—which Rob Zombie's underrated remakes did not receive.
  • The International Film Festival Rotterdam has generously shared a video of their masterclass with one of the great masters of contemporary cinema, Lucrecia Martel, whose recent film Zama we adore. Featuring English audio!
  • A must read: The New York Times provides three enlightening excerpts from David Lynch's forthcoming biography, Room to Dream (co-authored with Kristine McKenna).
  • Former Maryland Film Festival programmer Eric Allen Hatch, in light of leaving his position at the festival, assesses the unhealthy state of American film culture and its resident gate keepers and finds powerful reasons for optimism:
"An outmoded view of film culture [...] has overstayed its welcome—a view that revolves around the unfortunate but far from irreversible consequences of dumbing down the art house, one Midnight in Paris at a time. For perhaps two decades, we’ve prioritized an increasingly reactionary, corporate-curated “indie” cinema that coddles and pacifies an overwhelmingly old and white demographic. Thankfully, that myopic epoch is coming to a close."
  • On the other end of the spectrum of this topic, writer Kate Hagen takes a look at the state of the video store in her search for the "Last Great Video Store" at Black List Blog.
  • Melissa Anderson asks "What is a star, and how does one function?" in her lucid appreciation of the radical prowess of Jane Fonda for 4Columns.
  • In light of the release of Ocean's 8, Amanda Hess considers the inherently flawed over-saturation of gender flipped Hollywood remakes for The New York Times.
  • At Revolver, American avant-garde filmmaker Michael Robinson offers his own interpretation of his beguiling, seemingly indescribable 2017 film Onward Lossless Follows, which he deems "a western, a melodrama, and a self portrait." (You can read our coverage of this wonderful short here and here.)
  • Akira composer Shôji Yamashiro (aka Dr Yamashiro), composed a wondrous mix for NTS Radio filled with influences for his monumental score for Akira.
  • A meme is (re)born...
  • A loving tribute to director George A. Romero has been erected at the Monroeville Mall in Pennsylvania—the shooting location of Romero's Dawn of the Dead.
  • Continuing the recent boost in discussions around restorations and new transfers, Notebook contributor Will Ross weighs the positives and negatives of the drastic new color correction for the latest home video release of The Matrix, and even offers his own corrections in an extensive thread.

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