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Hugh Gibson Introduces His Film "The Stairs"

"My goal was to humanize lifestyles that have been dehumanized."

Rushes. NYFF, Barry Jenkins Returns, "Man With a Movie Camera" Disassembled

This week’s essential news, articles, sounds, videos and more from the film world.

Locarno 2018. The Three Heroines

On three of the best films at Locarno: Abbas Fahdel's "Yara," Eva Trobisch's "Alles ist gut," and Sofia Bohdanowicz's "Veslemøy’s Song".

Locarno 2018. First Features and Good Samaritans

At the Locarno Festival, feature debuts by Tarik Aktaş and photographer Richard Billingham, and a Leo McCarey film starring Gary Cooper.

Locarno 2018. Looking for Laughs After HUAC

At the festival, a grave adaptation of Sterling Hayden's anguished memoir is followed by comedies about Nicolas Chauvin and Eddie Cantor.

Locarno 2018. Patterns and Atmosphere

At Locarno, Dominga Sotomayor's atmospheric competitor, and Jodie Mack and Argentine actress María Alché both make their feature debuts.

Unraveling a Family Mystery: María Alché Discusses Her Feature Debut

The Argentine actress—best known for the eponymous role in Lucrecia Martel's "The Holy Girl"—talks about her film premiering at Locarno.

Locarno 2018. Sterling Hayden, Jewish Comedy, "Diane"

The second day of the film festival brings a revelatory documentary on Sterling Hayden, the Jewish comedy of Max Davidson, and "Diane".

Movie Poster of the Week: The Films of Jacques Becker

The two-decade career in posters of one of France’s greatest—and most underrated—directors.

Locarno 2018. Comedy Saves Humanity

The first report from the 71st Locarno Festival, including the retrospective on comic genius Leo McCarey and Ying Liang's "A Family Tour".

Between a Film Diary and a Film Exorcism

Portuguese filmmaker Dídio Pestana discusses his feature debut, "Sobre Tudo Sobre Nada," premiering at the Locarno Festival.

The Forgotten: Beating Bette

Alberto Sordi and Silvana Mangano try to beat Bette Davis and Joseph Cotten at cards for an entire movie. The stakes: everything!