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In Between

Bar Bahar | Lo Po, Lo Sham | بَر بَحَر | לא פה, לא שם

Instrueret af Maysaloun Hamoud
Israel, Frankrig, 2016
  • Arabisk
  • Engelsk


In Between follows the lives of three independent Palestinian-Israeli women in Tel Aviv. Away from the constraints of their families and enforced tradition, they find themselves torn between the unfettered lives they aspire to lead and the restrictions imposed on them by a blinkered society.

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With its director having since been issued a fatwa and Isabelle Huppert declaring its characters “heroines of our time,” In Between has proven to be something of a controversial, feminist modern classic. A lively, frequently hilarious, and always moving portrait of Arab-Israeli womanhood.

In Between Instrueret af Maysaloun Hamoud Se nu
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This lived-in quality to the performances and milieu serve the film well. That, combined with Hamoud’s unhurried, restrained visual style, allows for tension, emotion, and meaning to build together. . . . In Between is a movie not so much about suffering as it is about the grinding reality of just being. These are ordinary women living their ordinary lives, trying to carve out a place for themselves while navigating the expectations of different worlds.
January 04, 2018
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The script and cinematic technique leave room for Hamoud to grow in her second feature, but her clear feminist messaging and subtle departures from expectation already merit respect.
January 03, 2018
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Hamoud’s clever, nuanced screenplay offers a critique of traditional, patriarchal Palestinian society, threatened by modernity, feminine power, and the court of public opinion. . . . While the entire cast is aces, the three leads, and the chemistry among them, are especially fine; they poignantly convey the sense of living “in between” and the toll that it takes on their lives.
September 17, 2016
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