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The Gang's All Here

Instrueret af Busby Berkeley
USA, 1943
Komedie, Musical, Romantik
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Showgirl Edie is wooed by playboy soldier Andy while he’s on military leave, but then discovers when Andy returns home that he’s been promised to a rich debutante in an arranged marriage.

Vores mening

The ultimate holiday: The giddy Technicolor song-and-dance extravaganza by legendary choreographer-turned-director Busby Berkeley. As pure a pleasure as can be found in the cinema, and boasting a delightfully unpredictable visual surrealism—including Carmen Miranda’s unforgettable banana number!

The Gang's All Here Instrueret af Busby Berkeley Se nu
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Priser & festivaler

Academy Awards

1944 | Kandidat: Best Art Direction-Interior Decoration, Color

National Film Preservation Board

2014 | National Film Registry

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