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Im Sang-soo: Korean Class Warfare

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One of South Korean’s most consummate and sly genre dramatists, Im Sang-soo’s two Cannes fêted melodramas The Handmaid and The Taste of Money are opulent and wicked class satires.

The Taste of Money

Im Sang-soo Sydkorea, 2012


The slick follow-up to Im’s hit The Housemaid is another glorious melodrama that tears at the very veneer of high-class Korean society it so opulently ogles. Games of sex and finance intertwine at—and corrode—the top of society. Splendid entertainment, wicked satire: Douglas Sirk would be proud.

The Housemaid

Im Sang-soo Sydkorea, 2010


One of South Korea’s most consummate and sly genre dramatists, Im Sang-soo made his name with the excellent The President’s Last Bang and was upgraded to the Cannes Film Festival’s competition with The Housemaid, a remake of the 1960 classic and a torrid immersion into Korean class dynamics.

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