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Montréal World Film Festival

  1. Curtiz
    Grand Prize of the Americas


  2. Pepper


  3. Dying to Survive
    Best Screenplay

    Dying to Survive

  4. The Dead Queen

    The Dead Queen

  5. Elephants Can Play Football

    Elephants Can Play Football

  6. Father to Son
    2nd Prize (Chinese Film Festival)

    Father to Son

  7. Aloes


  8. David's Secret

    David's Secret

  9. Hills Without Names

    Hills Without Names

  10. Fahavalo, Madagascar 1947
    3rd Prize (Documentaries of the World)

    Fahavalo, Madagascar 1947

  11. 2nd Prize (Documentaries of the World)


  12. Dying to Tell
    1st Prize (Documentaries of the World)

    Dying to Tell

  13. Destinies
    1st Prize (Chinese Film Festival)


  14. Have Your Name Carved
    Bronze Zenith

    Have Your Name Carved

  15. Kill Me Today, Tomorrow I'm Sick!
    Silver Zenith

    Kill Me Today, Tomorrow I'm Sick!

  16. The Gazelle's Dance
    Golden Zenith

    The Gazelle's Dance

  17. Eight Out of Ten

    Eight Out of Ten

  18. Vagabonds
    1st Prize (Short Film)


  19. Alexander at the End of the World

  20. In This Land Nobody Knew How to Cry

    In This Land Nobody Knew How to Cry

  21. Pardon


  22. The Two Brothers

    The Two Brothers

  23. Symbiosis


  24. Next Wednesday

    Next Wednesday

  25. We'll Always Have Toynbee

  26. Strangers of Patience
    Best Actress

    Strangers of Patience

  27. Martyrdom

  28. You Are my Brother

  29. Introduction to Epilogue

    Introduction to Epilogue

  30. Mocking of Christ
    Innovation Award

    Mocking of Christ

  31. Think Again, Junpei

    Think Again, Junpei

  32. Lada Kamenski

    Lada Kamenski

  33. The Night of the Two Moons

    The Night of the Two Moons

  34. Isabelle
    Best Screenplay


  35. All My Guardian Angels
    Jury Award

    All My Guardian Angels

  36. Kaos


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