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Raindance Film Festival

  1. Hinterland


  2. Across the Sea

    Across the Sea

  3. Fires on the Plain

    Fires on the Plain

  4. The Light Shines Only There
    Best International Feature

    The Light Shines Only There

  5. Herr Fuku-chan von nebenan

    Herr Fuku-chan von nebenan

  6. Wild Canaries

    Wild Canaries

  7. Like Sunday, Like Rain

    Like Sunday, Like Rain

  8. Luna
    Best UK Feature


  9. Seth's Dominion

    Seth's Dominion

  10. The Supreme Price

    The Supreme Price

  11. Sacred Sperm

    Sacred Sperm

  12. The Warren

    The Warren

  13. Days of Hope

    Days of Hope

  14. Songs for Alexis

    Songs for Alexis

  15. The Ninth Cloud

    The Ninth Cloud

  16. The Quiet Hour

    The Quiet Hour

  17. Bonobo


  18. Kebab & Horoscope
    Best Debut Feature

    Kebab & Horoscope

  19. South is Nothing

    South is Nothing

  20. The Horses of Fukushima

    The Horses of Fukushima

  21. L’assenza


  22. How Selfish I Am!

    How Selfish I Am!

  23. Presentimientos


  24. Everybody's Got Somebody... Not Me

    Everybody's Got Somebody... Not Me