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Stockholm International Film Festival

  1. My Brilliant Friend

    My Brilliant Friend

  2. Putin's Witnesses
    Best Documentary

    Putin's Witnesses

  3. Manta Ray

    Manta Ray

  4. Hard Paint

    Hard Paint

  5. In den Gängen

    In den Gängen

  6. Blaze


  7. The World Is Yours

    The World Is Yours

  8. Boy Erased

    Boy Erased

  9. The Load

    The Load

  10. Narcissister Organ Player

    Narcissister Organ Player

  11. Lords of Chaos

    Lords of Chaos

  12. Ray + Liz

    Ray + Liz

  13. Core of the World

    Core of the World

  14. Los silencios
    Stockholm Impact Award

    Los silencios

  15. El ángel

    El ángel

  16. The Fall of the American Empire

    The Fall of the American Empire

  17. The Mountain

    The Mountain

  18. The Heiresses

    The Heiresses

  19. Fuck You

    Fuck You

  20. Nancy


  21. The Labyrinth

    The Labyrinth

  22. Genesis


  23. Little Tickles

    Little Tickles

  24. Girls of the Sun

    Girls of the Sun

  25. Hair Wolf

    Hair Wolf

  26. Diane


  27. Prospect


  28. Becoming Astrid
    Rising Star of the Year

    Becoming Astrid

  29. Styx


  30. Ex Shaman

    Ex Shaman

  31. Pig


  32. Studio 54

    Studio 54

  33. Pause


  34. The Front Runner

    The Front Runner

  35. Tyrel


  36. Life Itself

    Life Itself