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5 Bewertungen

7 Sekunden

7 Seconds

Großbritannien, Rumänien, 2005

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When veteran stickup man John Tuliver inadvertently makes off with a priceless Van Gogh during an armored-car robbery, his partner, Kelly Anders, pays the price for Tuliver’s miscue when she’s abducted by mobsters in pursuit of the painting.

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7 Sekunden Regie Simon Fellows

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  • Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film 7 Sekunden

    A reasonable good-looking car chase and heist sequence, but worse is the acting with a lot of thick Eastern Europe accents, the annoying editing and over-use of flashbacks so that even the biggest moron can get all the predictable plot points. The main villain overacts so much I feared he was going to get a seizure. I had to crunch potato chips heavily during the movie so I didn't need to hear the gruesome dialogue.

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