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Ein Prophet

Un prophète

Frankreich, Italien, 2009
Krimi, Action, Drama

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Der junge Analphabet Malik vebüßt eine mehrjährige Haftstrafe und versteht es, sich im Gefängnis als Vertrauter eines korsischen Mafiabosses Respekt zu verschaffen.

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Winner of the Grand Prize at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, A Prophet is one of Jacques Audiard’s most riveting films. Brutally honest in its depiction of daily life in prison, which is rife with politics and institutional corruption, the film chills us with its stark realism and social urgency.

Ein Prophet Regie Jacques Audiard

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Cannes Film Festival

2009 | Gewinner: Grand Prix

Academy Awards

2010 | Nominiert: Best Foreign Language Film of the Year

Seemingly effortless, [Rahim’s performance] is a prodigious high-wire act, and it should have resulted in as many awards for Rahim as the film itself has already received. The focus of every scene, he leads us through the thickets of the plot as if nothing matters except how he manipulates everyone else to ensure his own survival.
July 12, 2013
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Often we praise genre films for genre-defying moments, or for sneaking in scenes of well-observed humanity, but A PROPHET is composed of these scenes. Sometimes the film’s violence approaches cliché in style and quantity, but even the acts of violence have a narrative specificity and a clear cost. We feel it most strongly when we are alone with Malik and his conscience.
May 31, 2013
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What happens when you toss an unformed Corsican Arab teenager into a French prison population violently divided between Corsicans and Arabs? By filmmaker Jacques Audiard’s own estimation, what happens is the “anti-Scarface,” a gangster epic of brutal, tragic and emphatically unromantic self-actualization. It’s also a parable of modern France, and maybe the first to touch this particular bundle of nerves with this much force since Albert Camus.
March 25, 2010
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