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Alles über Elly

Darbareye Elly

Iran, 2009

Darum geht's

The mysterious disappearance of a kindergarten teacher during a picnic in the north of Iran is followed by a series of misadventures for her fellow travelers.

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Alles über Elly Regie Asghar Farhadi
The film lacks any non-diegetic music, so Farsi banter and crashing waves predominate on the soundtrack, and editing instills the film with anxious rhythms. A white lie daisy chain unravels amid gendered debates over etiquette, all of it incisive, all of it banal.
February 09, 2017
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…I’ll suggest here that Farhadi’s conceptual parameters are even broader, drawing not only on blue-chip cinematic touchstones, but also on a classic of British literature. If About Elly reimagines Antonioni’s film, it also offers – somewhat like Amy Heckerling’s Clueless – a loose retelling of Jane Austen’s great novel Emma.
September 15, 2015
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I like Farhadi’s movies quite a lot. They’re arithmetically moral. Every choice adds up — or, given the tragedies under his belt, subtracts. But he prefers characters to explain what the camera — what his camera, anyway — cannot. Here and in his most recent, most ornate film, The Past, this leads to a blitz of last-minute exposition and confessions that are engrossing on the one hand and somewhat inadequate on the other.
April 24, 2015
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