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Affäre in Trinidad

Affair in Trinidad

USA, 1952
Thriller, Krimi, Film noir

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When Steve Emery arrives in Trinidad at the urgent request of his brother, he is stunned to find that his brother has not only been murdered, but that his brother’s wife Chris is succumbing to the seduction attempts of the man who quite possibly is the murderer.

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Affäre in Trinidad Regie Vincent Sherman

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Academy Awards

1953 | Nominiert: Best Costume Design, Black-and-White


Director Vincent Sherman performed an admirable reclamation job on the nonsensical script, but the artistic successes lie elsewhere on the billing block. The film has two superb dance sequences choreographed by Valerie Bettis, who worked closely with Hayworth, and DP Joseph Walker (in his final film) conjures illicit atmospheres through his inky B&W cinematography.
December 29, 2015
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