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After Earth

USA, 2013
Action, Abenteuerfilm, Sci-Fi

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After a crash landing, a father and son explore a planet that was evacuated by humans 1,000 years earlier.

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After Earth Regie M. Night Shyamalan
There’s great filmmaking in After Earth (2013), even if it’s hamstrung by a stiff Jaden Smith performance.
January 16, 2017
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Critics and audiences in the US have reacted badly, feeling themselves hustled into aiding and abetting an act of Hollywood nepotism – yet the film is rather fascinating, both in itself (as an old-fashioned kids’ adventure) and as a metaphor for fathers and sons, specifically a controlling dad’s wish-fulfilment fantasy.
June 17, 2013
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The latest in an increasingly long line of high-profile misfires from one-time Spielberg-progeny M Night Shyamalan, After Earth is a cynical, aggressively derivative endorsement of dumbed down mass entertainment.
June 06, 2013
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  • chanandre's rating of the film After Earth

    "Take a knee." + "Take a knee Cadet!". Oblivion's twin. Not that bad. Liked the geeky bits: suits, displays, spaceships & that sideways wormhole thru a field of meteor debris(boss!)/ Will Smith shoulda died in the end->edgier/The look on W.Smith's eyes when he cries hugging his son was too cute for words (his actual son). Adored the eagle providing body heat for the little dude//frost flakes & ashes falling down: <3

  • Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film After Earth

    A flawed effort; but can we admit this was ahead of the curve in promoting identity politics? With its majorly black cast presented as noble, flawed but heroic, pro-environmental themes & rejection of guns in favour of historical weaponry, this predates the same ideologies that saw Marvel's Black Panther elevated to later acclaim. Jaden is a weak link & can't carry the material, but the themes are hopeful & sincere.

  • Dzimas's rating of the film After Earth

    I tried to think of a reason to give this movie more than one star, other than my daughter liked it, but couldn't. This is the kind of story you would tell your kid at bedtime when nothing else comes to mind.

  • T. J. Mesen's rating of the film After Earth

    Nature is chaotic. Shyamalan understands this, and in After Earth you see it with how he contemplates death and rebirth, endlessly shaping the world around us. The chaos allows for a film that (despite its weaknesses) is deeply affecting and uniquely raw in visual terms.

  • Trevor Tillman's rating of the film After Earth

    I thought this was Night's most moving picture since "Lady." Shows an earnest reverence for the natural world. However, his films have gotten shorter lately, and I feel like there's a lack of emotional verisimilitude due to him undercutting investment in the characters in the first act. Still, I love how raw this one felt—barely color corrected digital cinematography, the minimal James Newton Howard score, etc.

  • Adam Cook's rating of the film After Earth

    Like most of M. Night's movies, After Earth is filled with flaws—but those flaws don't interest me, they're entirely commonplace. The film's successes, on the other hand, are unique: a distinct visual sense, a regard for nature that lies somewhere between Malick & Herzog, a sensuality utterly lacking in Hollywood cinema, and that emotional conviction that makes Shyamalan the next best thing to Spielberg.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film After Earth

    Between Will Smith being stone-faced (not his strong suit) and Jaden doing all the emoting (not his, either), it's easy and neither entirely fair nor unfair to peg this as a misbegotten vanity project. Shyamalan does have strengths. I like his sensitivity towards childhood vulnerability and wondrous regard for nature. But most of this is monotony—even snide riff-trackers may give up, tired of making the same joke.

  • anarresti's rating of the film After Earth

    Sometimes, I feel unsure about what a movie is about. In this case, I don't know if the militar ethics is the back bone of the plot, or if it is questioned. Or if it matters. The movie is not that deep, probably. The father son dynamics works better, in the end, than the lazy conclusion of Ender's Game. Oh, and someone should make a movie out of the 2011 TV series Terra Nova. That would deserve the name After Earth.

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