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Was der Himmel erlaubt

All That Heaven Allows

Regie Douglas Sirk
USA, 1955

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Die schöne Witwe Cary Scott ist wesentlich älter als ihr attraktiver Landschaftsgärtner Ron Kirby. Entgegen der sozialen Erwartungen geht Cary eine Liebesbeziehung zu Ron ein, der von Freunden und Familie zu Unrecht als Mitgiftjäger abgestempelt wird.

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Was der Himmel erlaubt Regie Douglas Sirk
The digital restorations looked vibrant and beautifully sharp in their own way, but there was an unmistakeable thrill in seeing Sirk’s melodrama on a print from its time, its colours still almost deliriously, unstably lush and vivid, and wondering who else might have seen the very same print down the years (Fassbinder perhaps?).
July 31, 2015
…Sirk’s direction is expressive in ways that his characters cannot be—and that the film cannot be, either. Such emotion, to be motivated by dramatic obstacles like human weakness and indecision, dated peer pressure, and the contrivances of a notably stylized genre! It contributes to a sense of a deeper, fundamental repression, which the circumstances of Hudson’s tragic death, and the interventions of Todd Haynes’s remake Far from Heaven, only embellish.
July 30, 2014
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Its frames within frames and deliberate camera moves can be picked apart in a sophomore-level film class with the rest of them, but the film is no “either/or” text meant to read in one specific way to one demographic, and an entirely different way to the other side of the generation-gender-irony gap. It’s both rapturous and clinical, warm and cold.
June 17, 2014
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