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Regie Hal Hartley
USA, Großbritannien, 1994
Komödie, Krimi, Drama

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An ex-nun who writes pornographic short stories crosses paths with an amnesiac wandering the streets of New York City. When they set out to uncover his identity, they come face to face with his unsavory past including a vengeful porno actress and ruthless corporate assassins hot on their trail.

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Amateur Regie Hal Hartley


It’s a treat to see Huppert act in English, particularly hearing her say “make love to me” in her oh so elegant French accent. Amateur’s soundtrack features Liz Phair, My Bloody Valentine, and PJ Harvey, among other college rock icons, and as its characters run through downtown New York it feels like the platonic ideal of a playful 90s indie film.
November 30, 2016
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Hartley has always drawn from a lot of disparate pop influences, from Godard to film noir, but never more so than in “Amateur.”
May 19, 1995
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Many romantic triangles are bizarre, but in “Amateur” Hal Hartley has concocted the most irresistibly strange one to hit the screen in a long time.
September 29, 1994
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