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An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

USA, 2012
Drama, Liebesfilm, Komödie
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A quixotic artist hypothesizes about why he feels bad when a mystery girl stands him up. The event prompts him to ask: what’s the content of a momentary feeling? Is it the sum of your experiences? And, perhaps more importantly, are your experiences the sum of you?

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A kaleidoscope of forms, ranging from documentary to animation, mix together to shape this intimate confession on romance, youth, and the one that got away. Infused with spirited flourishes of music, color, and direct camera addresses, Terence Nance’s debut is alive in ways that few movies are.

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty Regie Terence Nance
…It’s a colourful, diaristic collage of documentary, direct address, fictionalised memory, animation and diverse musical choices. Clearly influenced by the structurally elastic, meta-yet-heartfelt films of Charlie Kaufmanand Michel Gondry (2004’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in particular), An Oversimplification is nevertheless a sui generis work so intricate that it possesses a built-in replay value. The one thing it isn’t is oversimplified.
February 07, 2014
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To criticise this film is to criticise Terence Nance’s interpretation of love but, hey, that’s our prerogative and — to his credit — he has included the less-than-fawning response of the woman it’s ostensibly all about, a thoughtful ingenue named Namik Minter… It seems like Nance fetishises beauty, using it as a tool to stimulate his artistic imagination. His saving grace is it’s one hell of an artistic imagination.
February 06, 2014
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The women Nance pines away for are so complicated in his eyes, so overvalued and mythologized that he can barely bring himself to turn the camera upon them. So he has created a film (and a persona) to protect himself, and them, from the desires he recognizes as puny and jejune… Much like Michel Gondry, Nance is an introvert and a scribbler who can fall a bit too much in love with his own vortices. Still, I can’t think of another first-time filmmaker whose next project I’m more excited to see.
February 01, 2014
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