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USA, 2014

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An epic battle between dirty cops and a drug dealing biker gang set in a corruption-riddled 21st century America.

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Anarchy Regie Michael Almereyda
[Almereyda] is never cowed by Shakespeare’s own status as the greatest of authors, nor by the insistence of some scholars that Cymbeline is little more than Bill S.’s greatest hits, with its reliance on mistaken identities, toxic potions, and cross-dressing disguise. Almereyda instead treats the swirls of plot, characters, and incidents (even the iambic text itself) as sublime absurdities, things to be tossed off rather than held as sacrosanct.
March 12, 2015
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Whatever Mr. Almereyda’s inspiration, his version of “Cymbeline” reaffirms that Shakespeare can always survive every interpretive trick, with or without choppers and chrome. As soon becomes evident in this appealing eccentric divertissement, the loudest, flashiest of contemporary appurtenances, from blazing machine guns to gleaming leather jackets, are inevitably outshone by Shakespeare’s words, even in a lesser-known, lesser-loved late play like this.
March 12, 2015
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Almereyda’s sweeping cuts take material that was already problematic (though this technically isn’t one of Shakespeare’s “problem plays”) and render it almost nonsensical. The climactic war between Britain and Italy here becomes a turf war, but it’s depicted so hastily, perhaps for budgetary reasons, that several characters who are supposed to get swept up in it barely register.
March 11, 2015
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