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Bewertungen & Rezensionen

  1. Ɱ βloom's rating of the film Appearances

    [2,5/5] [Cinemania] Le scénario était bien parti, jusqu'à ce que les invraisemblances et les insignifiances s'accumulent les unes sur les autres. Rajoutez à cela les stéréotypes d'usage sur l'adultère, et vous voilà bien servi! Une réflexion qui aurait pu être intéressante sur les apparences, sur la façon dont on construit sa vie à travers le regard des autres. Mais au final, un très gros «bof». [10.11.2021]

  2. msmichel's rating of the film Appearances

    CINEMANIA '21 A great turn by Karin Viard doesn't quite make up for the tedious and convenient plotting throughout. This tale of a cheating spouse, a compromised wife, an obsessed stalker and a revenge seeking jilted mistress lays it on pretty thick. Well shot against a beautiful Vienna background, the film is easy on the eyes when the viewer isn't rolling them.

  3. Juniper Bedwell-Wilson's rating of the film Appearances

    ridiculous but I enjoyed it. some unintentionally really funny scenes; when Henri runs to the piano when eve gets home and plonks the keys, it's just so stupid and out of place in the context of the melodrama of the film, it makes it hilarious. There were a few unpredictable twists that made it engaging. I loved the scenes of the two women dancing.

  4. parlour's rating of the film Appearances

    For him a weird and twisted teacher, for her a madman, slimy, on probation, both punished for pissing out of the pot. Badly acted horrible moralistic and judgmental film and, when scriptwriters shoot on conformism and snob, I tend to think they are just like that.

  5. Mari Louise Berge's rating of the film Appearances

    Watched only because of my connection to the French community in Vienna. Unfortunately, it gets more and more ridiculous and predictable as the plot thickens, all of the characters are unlikable, selfish, and worst of all: uninteresting.

  6. Sandro Togonidze's rating of the film Appearances

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  8. Salomé's rating of the film Appearances