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Der Fremdenlegionär

Beau travail

Regie Claire Denis
Frankreich, 1999
Drama, LGBT+

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Loosely based on Billy Budd, Sailor by Herman Melville, Beau travail focuses on an ex-Foreign Legion officer (Denis Lavant) as he recalls his once glorious life, leading troops in Africa.

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Der Fremdenlegionär Regie Claire Denis
Back in Marseille, gun in hand, his pulse is visible in the vein of his bicep as the house beat of Corona’s ‘Rhythm of the Night’ (1993) fades in on the soundtrack. Superlative pronouncements about the history of cinema are fatuous, but I’ll risk one nonetheless: what follows these desolate shots of Galoup, supine and suicidal, is perhaps the best ending of any film, ever.
January 08, 2019
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Its overwhelming mood is one not of overheated desire but of regret and loneliness, the sadness of someone who seems like an exile wherever he goes.
July 24, 2018
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The use of Britten on the soundtrack cuts deeper than just its ties to Melville. Britten was a homosexual at a time when homosexuality was a crime in the UK, and his opera implies a homoerotic strain to Claggart’s attempts to destroy Budd. Denis, that great modern master of the sensual, runs with that homoeroticism, exulting in the voluptuous physicality of her often-half-naked male subjects, whether standing still or in rigorous motion.
January 04, 2017
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