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Ein Anfang vor dem Ende

Avant que j'oublie

Frankreich, 2007
LGBT+, Drama

Darum geht's

At the end of his beautiful trilogy about a homosexual man, director Nolot again shines in the leading role as the lonely former gigolo who has not planned for the future and has to face old age without the sympathy of his friends.

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Ein Anfang vor dem Ende Regie Jacques Nolot


Watching debonair Nolot strip away any deflective devices and bare all is thrilling as it is moving; such a calm, difficult poetics of self-exposure proves the often vying selfieness on Scruff or Instagram feeble and concealing. Only George Kuchar, usually in a droll or bittersweet mode (e.g.Weather Diary #3), has equaled what Nolot presents, a single man, middle-aged and aging, point-blank, naked, actually and existentially.
September 12, 2014
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