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Mit 17

Quand on a 17 ans

Frankreich, 2016
Drama, LGBT+

Darum geht's

Damien und Tom gehen in dieselbe Klasse. Sie können sich nicht ausstehen. Toms Adoptivmutter muss ins Krankenhaus. Ihre Ärztin ist Damiens Mutter. Sie lädt Tom ein, bei ihnen zu Hause zu wohnen.

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Mit 17 Regie André Téchiné
It’s a celebration of their connection as a series of discoveries and hard truths. Becoming attuned to one’s intellectual and sexual identity takes time, and Techiné gives them both the necessary space. “I’m proud you’re sensitive,” Marianne tells Damien, hitting the preverbal nail on the head.
November 29, 2016
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Witnessing Téchiné carve his novelistic impulse down to its rawer, handheld essence… has been to watch a senior artist push through to the other side and find a new, exhilarating freshness. In no film is this more apparent than in Being 17, his latest, one of the most underrated and underseen of 2016. More than even the narratively expansive The Witnesses, it’s here the Téchiné of the ’90s meets the Téchiné of now, resulting in a kind of Wild Reeds for 2016. It is equally great.
November 18, 2016
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Precisely observant, getting physical with his characters’ bodies, Téchiné still resonates with a life force and its joys and heartaches.
October 21, 2016
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