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Below Sea Level

Italien, USA, 2008

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During a five year period an Italian filmmaker documents the world of down-on-their-luck individuals who live in a Californian desert trying to get by one day at a time. None of them has more than a vehicle, a dog and some clothes.

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Below Sea Level Regie Gianfranco Rosi

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Venice Film Festival

2008 | 2 Gewinne unter anderem: Venice Horizons Documentary Award

European Film Awards

2009 | Nominiert: European Documentary

Cinéma du Réel

2009 | 2 Gewinne unter anderem: Cinéma du Réel Award



Below Sea Level is thrilling, uncomfortable, mischievous and totally alive in every frame. It is a portrait of survival in the face of personal disaster, as these “flies and mosquitoes” who call this outpost their home refuse to be swatted. The residents are defiantly “not-homeless,” living in makeshift buses, old trailers, on piles of rubble. The patient gaze of Rosi’s camera bathes these would-be broken lives with a powerful and affecting sense of dignity.
September 19, 2013
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