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2.240 Bewertungen

Die Stadt der Blinden


Kanada, Japan, 2008
Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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This adaptation of the 1995 novel by José Saramago of the same name depicts an unexplained mass epidemic of “white blindness” that befalls on an unnamed city, tearing it apart when the community becomes quarantined.

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Die Stadt der Blinden Regie Fernando Meirelles

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  • Zachary T.'s rating of the film Die Stadt der Blinden

    A technical marvel. The way Meirelles approaches blindness cinematically is frankly ingenious; rapid-fire editing weaves extreme close-ups and focus-pulls devoid of POV into a murky, disorienting tapestry that's never confusing or boring to watch, consequently. Quite the opposite. The director's unwavering commitment to Saramago's punishing, even nightmarish novel makes it very hard to watch in one sitting, however.

  • orhideae's rating of the film Die Stadt der Blinden

    I know it's the most boring thing I could ever say, but... yeah, the book was way better. Actually, the movie wouldn't even be so bad if they had also included the more emotional scenes from the book, small events that are not such a big deal action-wise, but carry a lot of weight nevertheless. Still, I guess the plot makes it interesting for someone who had no contact w/ Saramago before the movie.

  • lou.'s rating of the film Die Stadt der Blinden

    One of my favourite books of all time. Two of my favourite actors ever. Three stars because I have sadly to admit it's not worth the fourth; nevertheless I absolutely recommend it.

  • easterhasi's rating of the film Die Stadt der Blinden

    Sad. Sad. A top director, a promising cast and still I was tempted to go for just one star. The over/under exposure almost gave me nausea. Worse, the incomprehensible behavoir of some characters. She let herself be abused for the greater good and only thereafter decides to kill the tormentor, even though she could easily have slain him before. Why would she do that? Did she expect the treatment to be more pleasant?

  • Yokna HASEGAWA's rating of the film Die Stadt der Blinden

    this film is most important in 2000s. though imperfect because the vision was too huge. i love his philosophical approach and scale of cinematic desire. at least there's one god-blessed shot. like the moment other films waited for and gave their way. i think every films are connected in subconscious of generation.this look-like-a-panic-movie film opens inner eyes to touch the truth like nightmare sleep walker.

  • L Felix's rating of the film Die Stadt der Blinden

    If you seek for a reality where chaos takes over by the simplicity of human fragility, this is the film I recommend. There is nothing that could explain it, no rules, no logic, and suddenly a blindness takes over. As you could imagine, blindness allow us to see many things about humans we didn't know while our eyes were open. It is an adaptation of the book by José Saramago, Ensaio Sobre Cegueira.

  • Comadozer's rating of the film Die Stadt der Blinden

    It is so flat. And pale. And trying. I prefer plague films to at least provide a different angle on "domestic life is morose anyway, and the government are inhuman." But it is a bit beautiful at times. Some nice textures. And semi plausible performances. Wouldn't usually advocate the necessity for a significant explosion but Blindness could benefit from one. Even a musical number.

  • ZeeT's rating of the film Die Stadt der Blinden

    Haunting movie about people and their inner beauty/ugliness when deprived of the sight... The main characters' revelations at the end of the movie that arised from the common feeling of helplessness and dependance on the other human beings' compassion and care, were touching.

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