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Blood Simple - Eine mörderische Nacht

Blood Simple

Regie Joel Coen
USA, 1984
Krimi, Drama, Thriller

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Ein Barbesitzer, seine Frau, deren Liebhaber und ein skrupelloser Privatdetektiv schlittern in ein Katz-und Maus-Spiel, in dem bald niemand mehr dem anderen traut.

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Blood Simple - Eine mörderische Nacht Regie Joel Coen
Visser is a study in greed and grift who delights in pitting his victims against each other, and he’s the only one of the Coens’ monsters who doesn’t have a dogged cop on his trail. Where both Fargo and No Country For Old Men were styled as meditations on good versus evil (with good represented by the cops played by Frances McDormand and Tommy Lee Jones), Blood Simple is a film without heroes: Its West is truly wild.
May 29, 2018
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With every word [the four principal characters] speak, the distances between them expand. All of the violence and death in Blood Simple derives from miscommunication. This accounts for the film’s tone, an unusual synthesis of horror and farce.
September 21, 2016
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The film cannot be reduced to its body count, because the Coens aim to break genre cinema’s glass ceiling of so-called style over substance. Some of it is rather puerile play with the medium itself, as when Ray’s car, which won’t start, itself momentarily halts Carter Burwell’s piano score. Most of the film, however, reforms cinematic meaning from within its archetypes.
September 19, 2016
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