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Blow Up My Town

Saute ma ville

Belgien, 1968
Kurzfilm, Drama, Avantgarde

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A young girl comes back home, shuts herself away in her apartment, goes about her business in a strange way, hums as if she was mad, polishes her shoes and her legs as well, throws her cat out of the window and … kills herself.

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Blow Up My Town Regie Chantal Akerman


A pungent and tragicomic critique of domestic life and the literal explosion of the so-called ‘feminine universe’, Saute ma ville (1968), the first short film by Chantal Akerman, then 18, allows each of us to identify with the position of women assigned to the home (here, the kitchen, emblematic space of this universe) and, as a retort, glorifies the revolt against this confinement, doomed to its own destruction.
December 16, 2015
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