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Regie Derek Jarman
Großbritannien, 1993
Drama, Avantgarde, LGBT+

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Against a plain, unchanging blue screen, a densely interwoven soundtrack of voices, sound effects and music attempt to convey a portrait of Derek Jarman’s experiences with AIDS, both literally and allegorically, together with an exploration of the meanings associated with the colour blue.

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Blue Regie Derek Jarman
Replacing the canvas with the screen, Jarman’s Blue is alive with our own projections. The purity of colour and its power to evoke true experience allows for the spectator’s presence in the absence of man.
January 16, 2019
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Perhaps by eliminating straightforward representation, one can focus on the soul rather than its vessel. In this regard, it’s unique in how it merges experimental and narrative qualities. What may at first seem alienating for viewers unfamiliar with Jarman soon becomes inviting in its courageous closeness. BLUE is the essence of cinema as ontological study, a staggeringly afflictive experience that illuminates film’s most transcendent qualities.
September 30, 2016
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A rich memoir of Jarman’s formative experiences as a gay man, and of his confrontation with sickness and mortality in the context of the AIDS crisis, an epidemic that disproportionately affected a whole generation of queer people. By inviting audiences to see as he saw, to hear as he heard, Jarman achieves an unparalleled intimacy with his audience in his final film.
June 30, 2016
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