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Body Snatchers – Angriff der Körperfresser

Body Snatchers

Regie Abel Ferrara
USA, 1993
Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller

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Doctor Steve Malone from the Environment Agency moves with his family to army barracks at which he has to spend the summer analyzing a toxic products dump. No sooner have they arrived than they realize that some of the soldiers are acting rather peculiarly.

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Body Snatchers – Angriff der Körperfresser Regie Abel Ferrara


Part of what makes the film so creepy is the lengths it goes to eroticize the pod people; the emphasis here is on Body, and the writing, worm-like tendrils that wrap around potential snatchees have an undercurrent of sexual nightmare… Ferrara, a visual expressionist at heart, creates some really unsettling moments, though maybe the most impressive thing about the movie is that it manages to make what’s basically a happy ending seem soul-crushingly bleak.
January 22, 2016
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The use of the double exhumes what is unavowable, by redistributing corporeal signs and assuring the indistinction of reality and dream (somatisation). In this figurative economy, the film’s political dimension – i.e., its critical treatment of the exigency of physiological and mental mutation demanded of Civilised Man in an industrialised and militarised world – makes its presence felt at the level of phantasmic intimacy.
January 01, 1995
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