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Breakfast with Curtis

USA, 2012

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Syd is an eccentric bookseller with delusions of grandeur fueled by red wine. He caused a rift 5 years ago between his bohemian housemates and the family next door, but now tries to recruit his 14-year-old neighbor as a collaborator.

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Breakfast with Curtis Regie Laura Colella

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Independent Spirit Awards

2013 | Gewinner: FIND Your Audience Award

2013 | Nominiert: John Cassavetes Award

The only serious problem here arises when the post-plot rules are bent to accommodate a contrived rift and some wan life lessons that are congenitally discordant with the general stoner sensibility. Still, it’s an amiable evening with good people, which seems to be central organizing principle of the new Beguiled Cinema venture.
August 08, 2014
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The life lessons don’t come off as such because writer-director Laura Colella maintains such a laid-back, intimate approach… The movie ingratiates itself with the viewer right away, making you feel like a welcome guest. In no time at all, the style becomes invisible (although Colella pulls off some elegant camera movements for a micro-budgeted production) and the film just hangs out with you.
May 30, 2014
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It’s a lived-in, unsentimental comedy about a community of smug but sympathetic intellectuals that, by film’s end, becomes a little better-integrated… "Breakfast with “Curtis” is believably generous where most coming-of-age stories are unbelievable. It doesn’t try too hard to impress you with its candor: it’s just naturally likable.
December 20, 2013
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