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Brewster McCloud

USA, 1970
Komödie, Fantasy

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A boy yearns to fly in Robert Altman’s whimsical youthquake parable. With the aid of seraphic Louise (Sally Kellerman), owlish Brewster (Bud Cort) constructs a pair of human-size wings in his Houston Astrodome nest to realize his dream.

Auch Vögel können töten Regie Robert Altman


Altman’s absurdist comedy is a deliberately awkward, abrasively reflexive product of its time… Whether the full effect is annoying or charming will be up to your specific sensibilities, but Brewster McCould remains an entirely singular work and a strange yet vivid time capsule, and features the ethereal big-screen debut of the one and only Shelley Duvall.
December 10, 2014
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It qualifies to some degree as the first “real” Robert Altman film, made the year after the success of M*A*S*H gave him a chance to strike out on his own and experiment. In more ways than one, it provides a fascinating forecast and “first draft” of the exhilarating methods of his recent Nashville -– slated to open here late this year -– to which the lives of two dozen characters are energetically followed over the course of a few days in a brassy Southern capital.
July 04, 1975
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