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Buffalo '66
Vincent Gallo USA, 1998
Gallo’s compact yet idiomatic mise-en-scène is nowhere more inventive than in his transfixing staging of Billy’s climactic act of vengeance in the strip club—a sui generis series of mind’s-eye tableaux vivants, lurid real-time freeze frames set, with incongruous perfection, to Seventies-era King Crimson. I’ve never seen anything like it.
January 24, 2019
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Gallo’s directorial debut is one of a kind, an eccentric, provocative comedy which laces a poignant love story with both a sombre, washed-out naturalism and surreal musical vignettes.
October 01, 1998
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From the start, it’s so grungy that it’s weirdly captivating. By the time Gallo’s lo-fi joyride cruises to a stop, you’ve been so beguiled by its surprises, wrong turns, and chance encounters that you’d be disappointed by something more carefully worked out.
September 28, 1998
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Candidly and painfully personal, Buffalo ‘66 seems to spring from the kind of fantasies that inform movies almost exclusively—though vanity publishers offer similar opportunities. For me the film creates more embarrassment than sympathy, but at least it’s a kind of embarrassment that’s instructive.
August 07, 1998
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[Billy] bullies [Layla] outrageously but with such crazy brio and jittery persistence that Layla falls for him. Mr. Gallo’s film, a deadpan original mixing pathos with bravado, works on its audience in much the same way.
April 03, 1998
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