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  1. Lola Finch's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Got such bitch vibes from Vincent I hate how hunky I find him

  2. Zachary's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    The anti-hero, superfluous man, is the closest portrayal I've had to my own life, never having gotten out of bed.

  3. David C Cook's rating of the film Buffalo '66

  4. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    3 stars for Christina Ricci who finds humanity and mystery that isn’t in the script or direction.

  5. Colin Spalten's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    A really underrated and personal film that I just found myself liking more and more as it went on

  6. ronny's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    worth spanning time w this one.

  7. I.Camera's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    A '90s indie film curiosity from avant garde filmmaker (and neo-con troll) Vincent Gallo. Buffalo '66 has some inspired moments, as well as some moments that could come from Tommy Wiseau. The cinematography from an up and coming Lance Acord is excellent, but the direction and editing are all over the place, esp. Gallo's 360° master shots at a dining table and Gallo's (over)use of screen inserts to represent memories.

  8. Mahsa mohammadi's rating of the film Buffalo '66

  9. Sabrina Renee` Mullins's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    I thought this film was actually very amazing and had a lot of potential. The acting that was portrayed was very beautiful and well thought out. I think that Vincent Gallo made a very beautiful and amazing film. Also the story line behind it was very interesting and made the film enjoyable to watch.

  10. Zedd's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    The scene of them in the photo booth seems to be a classic. I remember being captivated by whats going on and by the performances of the characters. The film didn't disappoint. I got exactly that. Would watch again.

  11. Albert's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Very well crafted love story. Loved the color mood choices in the scenes as well. The original score really set the mood for the scenes. Definitely, wish I saw this movie when I was younger.

  12. M****'s rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Everything you love about film in one film.

  13. Ruhee Shrestha's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    this hits me hard every time i watch it, christina ricci is an absolute treasure and Gallo's deep sadness is palpable on the screen..we can all feel empathy toward him despite his troubled persona.

  14. Anna Martell's rating of the film Buffalo '66

  15. bodhishin's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Creatively raw and sensitive film that has its flaws, but overall sketches its scenes and moments that reveal hints of genius in its way of storytelling.

  16. Kenneth Gentry's rating of the film Buffalo '66

  17. ken abramson's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Speaks to the inner asshole in all of uss, I guess.

  18. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    The film has a certain undernourished poise that I appreciate, and it builds, through a unique cadence, to about 3 moments of grace that I found truly remarkable. In between, though, I couldn't help but feel the narcissism of the filmmakers, as if its worldview of naturalized, justified, polite stupidity (and for that matter, misogyny) went beyond just its characters.

  19. David R Williams's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    I remember when they were shooting this in Buffalo and on a dull gray Sunday mid- morning I was walking up Delaware and saw a young woman walking toward me. We were the only two people on the street and I nodded as I passed and she gave a strange little smile but it was not till I passed that I realized she was Christina Ricci. This film feels like that memory. Of a Buffalo that is now far less gray.

  20. kinojay33's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Despite moments of cinematic brilliance (Ben Gazzara’s crooning; Ricci’s bowling alley tap dance—basically the same trick), this film made me queasy watching it as a teenager, and downright disgusted upon rewatching as an adult. What better encapsulates the Trump era than a man who perceives himself as traumatized (remember, his imprisonment was his own doing) getting a pass for treating women like garbage.

  21. ruthsh7ok's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Afraid the director might choose another version to end the story. Yeah, I like this ending!

  22. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    I'm not going to watch it again any time soon, but since Mubi's playing it I figured I'd grade it. At the time it came out I kind of hated Vincent Gallo--an attitude that gradually grew more shrug-oriented--but, well, one sort of had to see Buffalo '66 in 1998, so I did. I'm pretty sure I liked it more than I was really happy about. That bowling alley "Heart of the Sunrise" tap number, though: fucking brilliant.

  23. Diogo Aço's rating of the film Buffalo '66

  24. Sunil Chopade's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    My first foray into Gallo's oeuvre, after having learned of him -aside from the Brown Bunny controversy- from a stray joke in Girls. This *is* a nasty film (albeit with an auteur's mark) and Ricci's character is either depressingly pliant or just that bored, but it's weirdly compelling in any case.

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