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33 Bewertungen

Stadt in Gefahr

City of Fear

USA, 1959
Drama, Krimi, Thriller

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An escaped convict headed to Los Angeles has gotten hold of a substance known as Cobalt-60, a radioactive powder that is explosive enough to blow the city off the map.

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Stadt in Gefahr Regie Irving Lerner

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  • Daniel S.'s rating of the film Stadt in Gefahr

    Above average film noir that reminded me a lot of Elia Kazan's Panic in the Streets (1950). Great musical score by Jerry Goldsmith and an interesting warning against the harmful effects of Cobalt 60 in granules. If you ever have to lay hands on such a product, I urge you to call right away the nearest police station. I love informative movies. Highly recommended.

  • Pulpwino's rating of the film Stadt in Gefahr

    This film was influenced by the '50's hysteria over WMD'S & biological weapons but let's not overlook the intentions of the escaped convict. He thinks he has a million dollars worth of heroin to sell. In retrospect, what has been the greater danger and evil to this country? The cops and government fuss over the cobalt, but would they react the same way to a lethal and damaging narcotic? The convict knows it value.

  • Roger Garnwell's rating of the film Stadt in Gefahr

    A more direct, if some what less articulate, depiction of the same fear that lingers through out "Kiss Me Deadly". Not simply a film about fear of Atomic death but a film about the hubris we display in our flirtations with death. In this film, we move towards something both inevitable and final. A good reunion of director Irving Lerner and star Vince Edwards from "Murder By Contract" fame.

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