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Colors - Farben der Gewalt


USA, 1988
Krimi, Drama

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A look at gang dynamics and the efforts of two members of the Los Angeles Police Department – a veteran and a rookie – to control inner city violence.

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Colors - Farben der Gewalt Regie Dennis Hopper


This taut, bristling study of two Los Angeles officers (Sean Penn and Robert Duvall, both superb) caught up in a heated surge of gang warfare merits fresh examination. Shot with rough-and-ready efficiency, measured in its depiction of volatile behaviour from lawmen and law-breakers alike, it’s a vital evocation of time and place and an enduringly current moral inquiry.
August 23, 2015
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For several weeks now, I’ve been trying to get a fix on what irritates me so much about Colors. Seeing it again recently, and then seeing Repentance for the first time the next day, a few hours before I started this review, gave me the beginning of an answer, and it isn’t a pretty one. If these films can be said to represent what “social criticism” currently means in the respective cultures of the U.S. and the Soviet Union… then it seems to me we’re in trouble.
May 06, 1988
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