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Regie Anna Zamecka
Polen, 2016

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When the adults are ineffective, the children have to grow up more quickly. Ola is 14 and has to take care of her dysfunctional father, her autistic brother and her mother who lives away from home. Dreaming about reuniting the family, she plans the celebration of her brother’s First Communion.

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Communion Regie Anna Zamecka

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Locarno International Film Festival

2016 | Semaine de la critique

European Film Awards

2017 | Gewinner: European Documentary

DOK Leipzig

2016 | Gewinner: Young Eyes Film Award

Everything about Anna Zamecka’s hybrid documentary Communion is surprising, perhaps most of all the worldwide critical and popular acclaim for this quietly perceptive and detailed film about a teenage girl growing up in a poor, troubled family in a small town just outside of Warsaw, Poland.
September 19, 2019
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An astonishing directorial debut. Using a style both distanced and intimate, Zamecka enters so totally into this family’s routines and rhythms, that when Ola finally sobs, “I’ve had enough” it’s as though the film itself cracks apart, acknowledging the reality of what we’ve been watching.
January 04, 2019
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Zamecka’s debut feature unfolds in a measured and unvarnished style that reflects her anthropologist’s eye. . . . In her captivating and unsettling portrait of lost youth, Zamecka follows her destitute subjects with a patient and intimate observational style, imbuing the narrative with a palpable tension and touching upon her film’s many emotional notes with a quiet grace.
January 06, 2018
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