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Die Unzertrennlichen

Dead Ringers

Kanada, USA, 1988
Thriller, Liebesfilm

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David Cronenberg erzählt die tödliche Tragödie eines Zwillingspaars. Sein eisiger, psychologischer Schocker mit Jeremy Irons in einer Doppelrolle geht unter die Haut.

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Die Unzertrennlichen Regie David Cronenberg
Possibly his most exquisitely balanced film. It’s the place to start for a novice, containing all of his most cherished themes. The preoccupation with biology, most particularly the shape and function of body cavities; the examination of the way personal identity can be permeable; the meticulous exploration of the ways substances alter perception.
March 30, 2018
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With Dead Ringers, Cronenberg broke from his already trademark brand of stretchy, gooey, practical effects–aided body horror, opting instead for a more clinical approach (though he couldn’t resist a dream sequence in which Claire bites into a fleshy, pulpy web conjoining the twins). Cronenberg exposes us to each incident as though we, too, are collecting data, privileging us to an uncomfortable level of character detail.
October 28, 2017
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The gentleness of Cronenberg’s direction subtly offsets the torrential psychological damage done by his twin sexual psychopaths. Family here is like poison, slowly released into the bloodstream.
May 04, 2016
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