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Regie Tim Miller
USA, 2016
Abenteuerfilm, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A former Special Forces operative turned mercenary is subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers and adopts the alter ego Deadpool.

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Deadpool Regie Tim Miller

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Directors Guild of America

2017 | Nominiert: Outstanding Directorial Achievement of a First-Time Feature Film Director

Writers Guild of America

2017 | Nominiert: Adapted Screenplay

Golden Globes (USA)

2017 | 2 Nominiert unter anderem: Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy

Hugo Awards

2017 | Nominiert: Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form

I hated the whole thing so much that it long ago ceased to be a movie, transcended mere moviedom to exemplify a streak of all-American nihilism that was impossible to ignore in 2016. It’s a trolling Twitter egg account, it’s a strawberry-flavored vape smoke emerging from underneath a fedora brim, it’s a brimming cache of revenge porn, it’s Kermit tea memes and #Pizzagate and the comments section—any comments section—all rolled into one.
January 09, 2017
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Though Tim Miller’s Deadpool is far too in on its own joke to represent true evolution beyond the square-jawed tedium of, say, Avengers: Age of Ultron, in certain aspects—its overall fleet pace and brevity (it’s three-quarters as long as the average comic-book franchise entry), nobility-skewering sensibility, and freedom with chronology (most of the film is comprised of extended flashbacks)—viewers can detect glimmers of something approaching improvement.
May 03, 2016
Nothing is laughing harder or louder or more obnoxiously at the state of the superhero movie than “Deadpool.” It is nothingness. It believes in violence, but that’s about all it believes in: slashing and stabbing and shooting and — with Mr. Reynolds splashing figurative vinegar in the title role — sarcasm. And the nihilism is not without its charms.
April 12, 2016
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  • pollutedlola's rating of the film Deadpool

    Honestly for me it was just freaking funny all the time. And since I'm hard to please in that sense, anything that makes me laugh this hard just wins my heart. Also I really loved Vanessa and Wade's kind of relationship. Sure, the movie had many flaws and some parts were cheesy as fuck, but overall it's entertaining.

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Deadpool

    In straddling the line between fourth-wall busting superhero parody and a lesser-budgeted cousin of the popular "X-Men" franchise, "Deadpool" never fully commits to either idea and ends up, instead, something like the spandex equivalent of the recent "21 Jump Street" movies. When the humor lands, it really lands, and that opening action sequence is frenetic fun, but the final result is only mildly diverting.

  • Palmat's rating of the film Deadpool

    An entertaining movie with some cool action sequences and a very compelling turn from Reynolds. I just think that the whole thing went way too far with the self awareness and jokes at the expense of a good story. Cause in all honesty, the story was wafer thin, even for a Marvel movie. And it felt like a bit of a cheat that the movie had little to offer beyond the whole meta-schtick in my opinion.

  • J. O.'s rating of the film Deadpool

    Do the filmmakers know that sarcastically acknowledging that the film is an offensively one-dimensional, run-of-the-mill, cheap-looking load of fluff doesn't actually put them above it? Sarcasm or irony or self-awareness does not a good film make. Besides the cringe-worthy motor-mouthing going on the entire time, the action scenes were a little satisfying - albeit marred by cheap-looking CGI and a lame script.

  • Rafael Zen's rating of the film Deadpool

    One star for Reynold's body time (even the burned version: I'll take it) and another star for breaking the fourth wall while breaking the fourth wall: this is a geeky romantic comedy filled with action scenes, x-men and overrated references. But (surprise) it's only the sassy blockbuster of the week: and to be honest, not that funny and not that sassy.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Deadpool

    Anyone who thinks this legitimately subverts the Marvel formula is kidding themselves. But it is one of the better cases of that formula in action: tight, coherent, congenial, stylish, and fast enough that when one joke flops, you don't have to wait long for another that works. Really, a lot of fun—but minus a star for ending on a whimper, and for robbing geek goddess Morena Baccarin of her agency.

  • Zachary T.'s rating of the film Deadpool

    The ability to wink and giggle at your catalog of cliches and contrivances doesn't make them excusable. That said, the screenplay is packed with punchy dialogue; it's often funny, even clever. Reynolds is great, Baccarin is too, and their courtship gives the movie a solid core. Ultimately the pleasant distractions it provides from the somewhat banausic formula are just that -- distractions -- but they're enough.

  • Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film Deadpool

    Irreverent but totally inconsequential, Tim Miller's Deadpool lives off a collection of well-crafted vignettes that never add up to a well-rounded narrative. It's fun to sit through and Deadpool is certainly a very entertaining character, but it hardly makes for the cinematic experience it aims to be.

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