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Death Valley

USA, 1982
Thriller, Horror, Krimi

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Young Billy is forcibly removed from the big city life he’s always known when he and his mother Sally relocate to her old home state of Arizona where her old college boyfriend Mike still lives. Sally and Mike are happy but Billy’s not so sure of his new situation.

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Death Valley Regie Dick Richards

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  • Jason's rating of the film Death Valley

    Dick Richards is an absolute giant to me, perhaps the most neglected of great American film directors. DEATH VALLEY is to a large extent a kind of postmodern genre film about genre cinema itself (though with almost total absence of archness), and because it additionally captures so much of what is profoundly unusual in quotidian human interactions, it suggests indelibly that both Life and Movies are role playing.

  • Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Death Valley

    An enjoyable and permissible break from the routine, bodycount slasher films of its time is this film that balances family drama elements with a slasher nature, in which, annoying camp cannon-fodderish side characters get sliced up. These disparate genres never quite cohere tonally (it never has a fever pitch in tension) or dramatically (we are in melodrama here) but it's well-intentioned and engaging.

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