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Defending Your Life

USA, 1991
Komödie, Drama, Fantasy

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A man who is killed in a car accident ends up in ‘Judgment City’, a holding station for souls, where a person must defend themselves in a trial of their life in order to advance into Heaven.

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Defending Your Life Regie Albert Brooks

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American Comedy Awards

1992 | Nominiert: Funniest Actress in a Motion Picture (Leading Role)


In many respects, Defending Your Life is [Brooks’] most grandly scaled film. Though it ultimately centers on the moral status of nebbish anxiety and hollow social climbing, the film projects these personal reckonings against a backdrop that could almost be called Tati-esque.
March 22, 2016
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I find most of Modern Romance too painfully accurate to laugh at, although the comic conception remains flawless; and even though the laughs come more readily in Brooks’s other pictures, the degree of emotional pain being seriously dealt with is well beyond Allen’s range. Nevertheless, I think Brooks is the best comic writer-director-actor we have in this country at the moment—certainly the most original and thoughtful, and the one who has the most to tell us about who we are.
April 05, 1991
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