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Bei Anruf Mord

Dial M for Murder

USA, 1954
Thriller, Mystery, Krimi

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Tony, Ehemann der wohlhabenden Margot, heuert jemanden an, um seine Frau zu töten. Als es ihr gelingt, den Mörder in Notwehr zu erstechen, ändert Tony seinen Plan: Geschickt fälscht er Indizien, um seine Frau vom Opfer zur Täterin zu machen. Nun steht ihr die Hinrichtung bevor.

Bei Anruf Mord Regie Alfred Hitchcock
Sometimes taken to be a stagebound, minor work, Dial M for Murder is in fact one of the Master’s signal achievements, underappreciated because it is so rarely seen in its original 3D format; no less than Lifeboat, Rope, or Rear Window, it was designed from the ground up around its unifying visual conceit.
October 28, 2015
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While we’re not about to make a case for the film’s elevation to the ranks of the Hitchcock masterpieces, the film remains a wonder of technical and aesthetic invention, a masterclass in transforming ( but crucially not dispensing with) its dialogue-driven theatricality into something often startlingly cinematic.
July 25, 2013
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Dial M for Murder is a pitiless, darkly hilarious act of self-excoriation, obsessed as it is with the mirror image of its creator, a man who not only depends on control for his livelihood, but also perversely sees it as a gateway towards true liberation.
October 18, 2012
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