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Dialogues of Exiles

Diálogos de exiliados

Regie Raúl Ruiz
Frankreich, Chile, 1975

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A ragtag community of newly arrived Chileans escaping Pinochet’s military regime face problems in Paris, so they kidnap and attempt to re-educate a touring singer from their homeland. This improvised, satirical semi-documentary effectively led to Ruiz’s rejection by his fellow exiles.

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Dialogues of Exiles Regie Raúl Ruiz


I can’t imagine how this will play for a non-Chilean audience, but Diálogos de Exiliados is one of the funniest and politically sound films of Raúl Ruiz’s career.
December 14, 2016
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The parties, songs, political and other kinds of discussions, the talk, dialogue, debate – all this has a very important place here, precisely because, through it, Ruiz uncovers for us a whole way of being, a mentality, culture and ideology – because Chliean popular culture also belongs to its urban masses, its middle class. InDialogue of Exiles, one finds the traits of Chilean militants deriving from diverse social sectors.
January 01, 1975
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