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Bewertungen & Beurteilungen

  1. kartina obskura's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    so smart and so beautiful! each frame is perfect

  2. Laura G.'s rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Some parts with the animals were too much for me.

  3. DrFirestone's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    So far, this is the least inspiring film from Agnès Varda I've seen. Three stars for the beautiful visuals, as there are some truly lovely shots here to enjoy. I can imagine how this was seen way more radical and striking in 1958. Interesting observation of the Paris street life back in the late 50's. I'd say it is worth spending the 17 minutes this film requires.

  4. Orlando's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Vi este corto un día antes de que se muriera Agnès. Viva Varda!!

  5. ricki-rocki's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

  6. Pegarange's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    8/10. Varda makes a report on everyday reality in an artistic manner - and that's exactly what she's always been a master at.

  7. lou.'s rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    J'adore le regard d'Agnès, mais là, je ne peux pas donner tjrs 5*, il me faut au moins essayer de mettre ses film en perspective... bien entendu, c'est superb, mais ce n'est pas un vrai coup de (mon) coeur.

  8. paroxysm's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    A charming vignette of the streets punctuated by trespasses into the thoughts and actions of its inhabitants, this film achieves the balance between the individual and collective with aplomb, visually detailing the relationships of its actors with and to the herd, and deftly providing glimpses into daily reactions and impulses transported into sharper contrast by the impending birth of the narrator's child.

  9. An's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Cautivadora desde el primer minuto.

  10. German's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Una pequeña joya. Fabulosa además por ser un film de 1958. Hay que verla.

  11. Guilhem Luycx's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Everything is where it has to be.

  12. Marina et Pierre's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    A beautiful film-poem. I love Varda and her tenderness.

  13. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Si hay algo que conserva Varda de esta época es el sentido plástico de la imagen. Su capacidad para ver personajes y situaciones ya estaba aquí, en 1958. Además, un gran sentido del montaje desde la captura de las imágenes, lo que permite un ritmo que se construye fácilmente en el montaje. La relación de aparentes temas sin conexión aparecerían ya en su ópera prima, consiguiendo así ser, de algún modo, avant garde

  14. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    17 minutes of pure, unadulterated joy. So many great shots (naked man holding a cat, kid in a Chaplin mask leaning against a wall) and the juxtaposition between a loved-up couple and the humanistic streets is incredibly effective. Great for people watching, hinting at lives beyond the Parisian street. Memorable soundtrack by prolific French composer Georges Delerue (Jules And Jim, Hiroshima Mon Amour). Love this!

  15. Epinephrin's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Varda's work is full of emotion, if you want to learn to see, watch her films.

  16. I.Camera's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    A short, early film of Varda's that draws on Dziga Vertov, and which, in its depiction of Paris, could come straight from the pages of Zola's L'Assommoir, with its depiction of the bedraggled and downtrodden on the Paris streets, dirty market stalls and alcoholics tottering out of bars. Most of the faces wear looks of hopelessness and premature old age, with two carefree lovers looking on from their tenement window.

  17. Benjamin María Guerrero's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Una pieza que genera motivaciones contemporáneas. Alusión a un sueño a punto de ser roto.

  18. Martha Helga's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Qué preciosidad de diario. Cómo se nota que una de las grandes pasiones de Varda es la fotografía. Lo demuestra en cada retrato captando la esencia de cada persona y su contexto cuando categoriza a la sociedad, y que a su vez refleja su consciencia social y su empatía.

  19. darioscha's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Una película que se enfoca en hacer registro y memoria de una calle/mercado parisina. El registro de los rostros y de los gestos, los borrachos, la comida, todas las evocaciones de los personajes de la calle y sus intercambios, montado simultáneamente con una secuencia de unos enamorados que componen imágenes surrealistas. Agnes varda realizando cine muy cercano y humano.

  20. tubbssw's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    She has an eye for working class faces, mannerisms, and culture.

  21. Juan Javier's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Honesto, conciso, logrado.

  22. Chichago_'s rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Although I personally cannot understand most of the film, the cinematography is beautiful (as expected from Agnes Varda, also her signature mirror usage). I would definitely suggest this film to people who are learning or interested in photography.

  23. Pantso-for-the-win's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    A pseudo-documentary based on some contrasts in life, birth - death, beauty - ugliness, youth - old age, joy - sadness, doesn't manage to deliver its message, but is nonetheless quite interesting as a glimpse of a long lost epoch - the 50's in France, with nice music and editing plus a couple of poetic and surreal scenes contributing to this effect. 6/10

  24. Francisco Real's rating of the film Opera Mouffe

    Con una fotografia impecable y una fabulosa banda sonora, este corto retrata y acompaña con imágenes impactantes las reflexiones del diario vivir.

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