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Dog Day Afternoon

Regie Sidney Lumet
USA, 1975
Krimi, Drama, LGBT+

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So einen Film hatte Hollywood 1975 noch nicht gesehen – ein Geiseldrama, in dessen Zentrum eine homosexuelle Liebe steht und ein Bankraub, der begangen wird, um davon eine Geschlechtsumwandlungsoperation zu bezahlen.

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Hundstage Regie Sidney Lumet

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Academy Awards

1976 | 5 Nominiert unter anderem: Best Actor in a Leading Role

1976 | Gewinner: Best Writing, Original Screenplay

San Sebastián International Film Festival

1975 | Gewinner: Best Actor


In DOG DAY AFTERNOON, Lumet exploited his theatrical background to electrifying effect, building consistent dramatic tension from the essential mise-en-scene of a few stark locations and ramped-up performances. AFTERNOON has been justly canonized for Al Pacino’s star turn, a product of genuine exhaustion and second-wind adrenaline; yet it’s only one of the bright sparks among a uniformly wired cast.
February 17, 2012
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  • El Biffo's rating of the film Hundstage

    My favorite Al Pacino film! One of only 5 films featuring the absolutely brilliant, incredibly sensitive actor's actor, John Cazale, and it may be his best performance. This one and Fredo in The Godfather. With Charles Durning and Chris Sarandon. My favorite line is when Pacino tells cop Durning, who is trying to persuade him to surrender: "Kiss Me. I like to be kissed when I'm getting fucked!"

  • Gia de Almeida's rating of the film Hundstage

    More than a good movie with great acting and direction - and it is all of those - it is a brilliant portrait of an era. The social problems and changes, politics, the nefarious effects of the Vietnam in America and the veterans... As in many of Lumet's films, the social critique very much there but it is very nuanced and very well handled. A true story used as inspiration for a great film.

  • smndvdcl's rating of the film Hundstage

    Sonny's reference to the Attica Prison Riot of 1971 is a critical turning point where the catalyst of media can create a political melting pot to a hostage scene. Lumet's art of characterisation was to add contextual variables to coax the spectator to root for the unsympathetic protagonist; Sonny and Sal's plight is humanised to such a compelling degree, that it is hard not to perceive the criminals as victims...

  • Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Hundstage

    "Attica! Attica!" shouted Pacino when surrounded by the police while his was taking hostages. A great inspiration because then he turned his failed bank robbery into a political protest with reference to Attica events. All in a sudden he got the TV on his side === "Attica! Attica!" a crié Pacino quand il a été entouré par la police transformant son braquage raté en protest politique. D'un coup, il a eu la TV avec lui

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Hundstage

    A long time ago I used to have debates with people about who was better, Pacino or De Niro. As time went on, and Pacino decided to chew scenery, while De Niro stayed somewhat respectable. It was embarrassing for me having to defend things like 'Scent of a Woman'. Of course De Niro has lately been floundering along, but it's too late. Now I just say "John Cazale was an amazing actor." He's the one to watch here.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Hundstage

    Lumet's directorial take on the Frank Pierson script resulted in one of the seminal films of the seventies. Based on the true story of John Wojtowicz the film touched on several button issues including gay rights, police brutality and handling hostage situations. Pacino gave an iconic turn here with great support all around especially Durning, Cazale, Sarandon and Allen. One of Lumet's best.

  • ASHES IN THE HOURGLASS's rating of the film Hundstage

    This is not JUST a heist film that just so happens to have two phenomenal performances. If anything, it is also one of the best portrayals about the police and how they deal with such fragile situations. Plus, can you believe that only 2 bullets are fired in this whole film. The first alone causes one the most beautiful Eisenstein-ian montage that I have seen. All in all, a Masterpiece of the New Hollywood era.

  • Dave's rating of the film Hundstage

    Pacino and Cazale made some great films together, obviously, but their on-screen interaction might have never been better than here. (and that includes The Godfather). My favorite film from Sidney Lumet.

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