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Bewertungen & Beurteilungen

  1. DarthVader's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    İlginç bir psikolojik gerilim ama gerilim kısmı zayıf...

  2. J. R.'s rating of the film Don't Look Back

    The constant changing and the lack of explanation for happening so, actually gave me a restless and stifling sentiment. However, as things approach the ending and the mystery is explained, the substance and the magnitude of the first half ceases to impress as it seems to be lacking an organic relationship with the characters involved in it in order for the spectator to bound with the reveal.

  3. El Biffo's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    Um..I don't usually watch horror films, but this one stars Monica Belluci and Sophie Marceau. I really like them, but this dish is sorta cheezy. Typical "am-I-going-mad-or-is-this-a-nightmare" film. And the special effects aren't my thing, man.

  4. hastapura's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    I am only watching half of this. It felt like a dull sub-Lifetime timewaster. After In My Skin I ain't into De Van to fall asleep.

  5. msmichel's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    De Van's 'in My Skin' was one of the most startling extreme directorial debuts ever and hoped for similar results with this film. Alas this Hitchcockian entry plays a little overlong and falls a little flat. Dual nature/character story plays well in the Marceau sequences but after some interesting blending effects the Bellucci half misses the mark widely. Not bad mind you just not quite reaching its intent.

  6. aureliandroid's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    everything is relative, including your identity

  7. elenagallen's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    Punto de partida brilliante pero intento fallido de desentramar el guión de una forma tan sumamente inquietante, singular y concisa como se ha planteado. Bebe de Haneke, Lynch y Cronenberg sin llegar a ser cine de autor, y lejos de adscribirse a un género, los hibrida de forma inusualmente eficaz.

  8. Palmat's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    It started out extremely good with a lot of ominous and disturbing situations and some great acting by Marceau. The set designs and music was also spot on. However as the movie progressed it became apparent that the second half of the movie couldn't deliver on the promise of the first half. The end felt a little ho-hum to be honest. Still, I enjoyed the movie as a whole and it kept my interest. Worth a watch!

  9. HKFanatic's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    An intriguing film that somehow comes across as less than the sum of its parts. I love me some Hitchcock and body horror, and here Marina de Van tosses those two in a blender, but there's a strange disconnect between the glossy cinematography and the darker nature of the plot. And surprisingly it's Sophie Marceau who seems to have a firmer grasp on the character. This story is worthwhile but not entirely satisfying.

  10. Nikola's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    Terribly convoluted, but all-around satisfying!

  11. Ari's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    Ending may be simultaneously too tidy & too convoluted but plays well as a kind of Vertigo meets Repulsion meets Don't Look Now via Cronenberg. A vast improvement on In My Skin.

  12. manybits's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    Marina De Van is incredibly talented. This is the Gallic equivalent of Lost Highway/Mulholland Drive.

  13. Marcus WP's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    i wanted to like this, but i didnt. i still love marina de van though

  14. FailedImitator's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    I don't remember liking a single thing about this film.

  15. scape's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    I like Identitygames, but this one was so obvious... and the acting and directing were bad. I think the story had potential, like said before, maybe Lynch or Cronenberg could have handled it!

  16. vordven's rating of the film Don't Look Back

  17. Elric's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    I was a big fan of De Van's short films and her first feature, so I had high hopes. Intriguing cast, a bigger budget and identity/body horror. How could things go wrong? Almost every note of this film is off. The tone, performances, score, and style of the film are so overwrought as to make it nearly unwatchable.

  18. VENIMOS LOS JODIMOS Y NOS FUIMOS's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    Ademas de confrontar (ò revolver, màs bien) a dos de las mas sensuales divas del cine europeo (Sophie Marceau y Monica Belluci, ni màs ni menos) este nuevo trabajo de Marina De Van confirma su talento y originalidad para crear atmosferas tan opresivas como sugerentes, ademas de su habilidad para llevar a buenos terminos un enfermizo e inquietante thriller psicologico en la linea del cine de Cronenberg.

  19. Addiena of Mubi land's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    Another (borrowing words from someone in this site), hysterical in a floral dress film, that has twisted fantasia stuffs. Some scenes in this film was really freaking me out. But yes, it was too quick too conclude towards the end. Could use a little more twists. Overall, it was good for a change.

  20. Guillaume Lauras's rating of the film Don't Look Back

    Such a terrible movie ! Marina De Van is'nt Cronenberg and David Lynch ! Never seen Sophie Marceau acting so bad... and the rest of the cast are even worse.... Too bad it wasn't interesting as her first long feature !