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Dr. Akagi

Kanzo sensei | カンゾー先生

Japan, Frankreich, 1998
Komödie, Drama, Geschichtsfilm

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Dr. Akagi, a physician in Japan during WWII, wages a one-man crusade against hepetitis, earning him a reputation. But his campaign brings him into disfavor with the Japanese army, and as the war seems more and more hopeless for the Japanese, Dr. Akagi finds himself increasingly used as a scapegoat.

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Dr. Akagi Regie Shôhei Imamura


It’s far too eclectic to qualify as “characteristic”—perhaps an unsuitable adjective for any of his free-ranging works—yet it’s every bit as personal as another twilight “testament” movie playing this week, Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom.
May 07, 1999
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