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Deutschland, Schweiz, 2007

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A look at the pervasive power of dust from its tiny particles settling in unseen places to its ability to cause illnesses and create the cosmos.

Staub Regie Hartmut Bitomsky

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  • Scotch's rating of the film Staub

    An ode to dust that isn't really about dust as much as it is about people who obsess over it. From OCD housewives to artists to scientists, it makes the everyday into something profound and fascinating. Achoo.

  • Eric Rucker's rating of the film Staub

    A deep musing on creation and destruction and their being simultaneously embodied in dust. An extended metaphor that branches and builds, but also each thing in the film is exactly what it is. Very interesting. Needs unpacking and further musing to fully activate it—a good thing—but generates bad reviews, which are a lot like dust bunnies on the verge of disappearing under the writer’s bed of solipsism.

  • mpho3's rating of the film Staub

    I usually don't comment on films I don't finish, but I really want to say how much this had a Werner Herzog quality to it. I mean that as a complement, yet I just couldn't get all the way through this. The topic and approach taken is interesting, but I found the viewing experience purgatorial.

  • David R Williams's rating of the film Staub

    Strangely compelling. The fact that so many people are so obsessed with dust is both hilarious and at the same time endearingly creepy. At about the hour mark the doc does a 180 and we go from amusing to shocking. Heard anything in the media about babies born to Iraq veterans having deformities? You have now - and you know why.

  • ejonline's rating of the film Staub

    Much of this film moves back and forth between philosophical musings on the nature of dust and demonstrations of scientific studies of it. It is generally mild-mannered and just interesting enough. However, the section on bullets made from depleted uranium was heart-breaking. Graphic images of severe birth defects demonstrate what this material does and why use of it should be prosecuted as a war crime. Devastating.

  • Michael Harbour's rating of the film Staub

    Dust in many forms and the people who are engaged with it. I love people sharing their passions, even if they aren't my passions, yet I found my attention wandering and myself losing engagement regularly. I can't pinpoint what was missing but, while the movie occasionally grabbed me for a bit, it never held me.

  • cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Staub

    It's almost a match made in the stardust heavens! On the one hand, a whole documentary devoted to those little particles that we ourselves generate (at least in our households) but which we fight a never-ending battle to eradicate or conceal. On the other hand, a nation, culture, and 'Weltanschauung' characterized by a frank, almost painful, attention to detail and a quasi-religious faith in engineering. 'Wunderbar!'

  • Loz Loory's rating of the film Staub

    Excellent, though a trifle long. Terrific voiceover. Almost all of the interview subjects are amazingly articulate. Covers the subject in breadth and depth, and with a sense of humor, when necessary. That "clean room" looks like a scene out of a "Dark Mirror" episode. There's an excellent non-fiction book about the Dust Bowl in 1930s America: "The Worst Hard Time" by Timothy Egan.

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