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Easy Rider

USA, 1969

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Wyatt und Billy, zwei junge freiheitshungrige Männer, fahren mit ihren Motorrädern von Los Angeles nach New Orleans, um dort mit dem Verkauf von geschmuggeltem Rauschgift das große Geld zu machen. Ihnen schließt sich der junge Anwalt Hanson an, der vom Ausstieg aus der Bürgerlichkeit träumt.

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Easy Rider Regie Dennis Hopper

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Cannes Film Festival

1969 | Gewinner: Best First Work

Academy Awards

1970 | 2 Nominiert unter anderem: Best Actor in a Supporting Role

The picture’s poignancy and even dread – it stayed with me this last viewing. With the lyrical cinematography by Laszlo Kovacs and Fonda’s melancholic performance next to Hopper’s brashness and dangerous goofiness, if you’re in a certain mood (or, rather, if I am) you feel what Fonda might be feeling the entire movie, and you extend it onward, to today.
October 11, 2017
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Hopper has a prodigious sense of imagistic flow—of the dreamy half-tranced revelry that a road trip can inspire. Much of Easy Rider is composed of scenes of Wyatt and Billy on their bikes, enjoying their periodic detachment from the American prejudices that governed the late 1960s as well as the 2010s. The movement of these scenes is intoxicating, glorious, with that glory heightened by the music of the Byrds, the Band, Steppenwolf, and many others.
May 09, 2016
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With the feature rightfully reaching cult standing at a time when the label retained its meaning, Easy Rider takes the audience on a powerful, potent and perceptive ride through a lifestyle, a genre, and a new filmmaking discourse. As an examination of the former, Hopper and Fonda’s creation is particularly promising, with few films before or since encapsulating the all-encompassing, independent mindset or rebellious yet idealistic opinions of the hippie generation.
February 20, 2011
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  • El Biffo's rating of the film Easy Rider

    The film that kickstarted The New Hollywood, lifting it out of the mire of things like PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISIES.

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Easy Rider

    Easy Rider is an accidental masterpiece. I can almost hear Hopper saying, "I meant to do that". It just happens to be the right combination of actors and screenplay. Fonda's idea for the ending is pure brilliance. It's hard to understand in today's context, because something similar now would just be a horror movie. Not a statement about the huge cultural divide that existed then.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Easy Rider

    The iconic film that changed Hollywood challenged the status quo and gave voice to a disaffected generation who realized the dream of the sixties had come to an end. Nearing fifty years old the film's themes and voice have barely faded. The film is enhanced by exceptional photography (Kovacs) and fine editing (Cambern and a barely acknowledged Henry Jaglom). Soundtrack is phenomenal throughout as is Nicholson.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Easy Rider

    Does Easy Rider hold up, or is it an artifact? At least 80% of the stoned philosophizing sounds like bullshit now, if it didn't already in 1969, and pop song montages and drugs have both lost their novelty. Better movies were already being made about this era. But you should always have room for Laszlo Kovacs' beautiful camerawork, the moments of editing inspiration, and Peter Fonda's quietly angelic performance.

  • Ethan's rating of the film Easy Rider

    Although this film is a milestone in film history I do find it quite overrated. As a time capsule of the 1960s it is astounding but as a road movie it is pretty basic. This would make a great double bill with the far superior Two Lane Blacktop or Fonda's own film The Hired Hand.

  • anarresti's rating of the film Easy Rider

    This will never happen again. This period, these actors, this energy, this open conflict in society, those wars. And the movie, a road movie, promising some freedom, to those that wanted to go away from all that hate and confusion, and just feel the wind. What happens in the movie is so, so violent. It's meant to create a fracture, or to expose more clearly. To show what hate can do. And now what fractures are there?

  • Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Easy Rider

    I hate to admit it, but I really didn't care for this. I can appreciate the fact that it developed so much praise, and respect the performances and the simplicity of the entire film, but the fact of the matter is that I'm a teenager, and the overall quality is dated. Still, it is a nice time capsule of the sixties culture, and Jack Nicholson is great here as well.

  • Danny Kana's rating of the film Easy Rider

    I'm stunned. My roommates aunt was good friends with Dennis Hopper. I had no idea what a masterpiece this was. It pretty much sums up our society, and how people are shunned for being different and not conforming. Indeed a landmark experimental film.

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