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Ed Wood

Regie Tim Burton
USA, 1994
Biografie, Drama, Komödie

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Biopic von Tim Burton über den Trash-Regisseur Ed Wood mit Johnny Depp. Ed Wood ist der schlechteste Regisseur aller Zeiten. Zusammen mit seinen Freunden dreht er einen B-Movie nach dem anderen, ohne dass ihm jemals Erfolg beschert ist.

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Ed Wood Regie Tim Burton
There’s that troubled man on screen, again looking at pretty things in the window, but here he’s pretty Johnny Depp in an extraordinary, disarmingly loving tribute made by a director at the top of his game (Burton, not Wood, though I’ll continue to throw down for Glen or Glenda as Wood’s masterstroke). Among many of the picture’s excellent, funny and intriguing re-creations of Wood’s direction, Ed Wood shows the auteur crafting that mannequin scene I described earlier.
May 21, 2017
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Tim Burton’s best film… is a rare beast, a film whose poignancy is a result of its sheer good will. A film that risked condescension toward its subject, Ed Wood instead became an unexpectedly fine tribute to creation and ingenuity and the kind of passionate carelessness that does not denote polish or class but nevertheless conveys love of the craft.
October 28, 2013
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Burton, an imaginatively unhinged visual prankster who occasionally moonlights as a major director, never before or ever again exhibited the astonishing range of talent he displayed in Ed Wood. The film is an example of that most rewarding sort of artistic mastery: It feels effortless, and there’s no deadening sense of “craft” that often kills Oscar winners.
September 27, 2012
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